Sample Work...

Hydraulic Cylinders

The Cylinder below was brought into IPS with a reported oil leak.
IPS carried out the following work:

Please see our Hydraulic Cylinder page for more details.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Caterpillar Loading Shovel

With this Loading Shovel IPS replaced the damaged sections with new.

Caterpillar Loading Shovel


Cab Mounting Brackets

IPS overhauls these brackets by Boring and Bushing. This is frequent work for IPS and has a set price. Please contact us for a price.

Cab Mounting Brackets


Flywheels (Small, Medium & Large)

IPS Skim the Flywheels to a smooth surface. This is frequent work for IPS and has a set price. Please contact us for a price



Special Purpose Machinery

The below pictures are samples of the One off Machinery that was manufactured at IPS Works. These machines were build for the Lead Manufacturing Industry. The picture below is a Lead Corrugating Machine & the picture on the right is a Lead Punch.

Lead MachineLead Punch


Waste Compactor Sample Work

These pictures show the IPS Engineers working on a Waste Compactor machine and represent the scale of work can IPS carry out. On this particular job IPS had to remove the Bale Head and Bale Ram and refit the spare Bale Head. Reassemble the machine and check the machine was running correctly.

Waste CompactorWaste Compactor


Clam Shell Buckets

IPS service Grab Buckets by overhauling all the damaged pins and bushes. Added to this service we have introduced a major improvement by fitting a high tensile Tie Bar across the mounting-pins.

The fitting of the high tensile Tie Bars eliminates damage caused by rough- handling and prolongs the life of the bucket.

A customer that we have overhauled their buckets with the Tie Bars is Sierra Communications, whose testimonial can be seen is our Testimonial Page.

Clam Shell Bucket


Heavy Duty Ladles

These pictures show the Heavy Duty Ladles that are required for the Lead Manufacturing Industry. IPS modified and manufactured these Ladles as required by our customer.

Lead MouldLead Mould


Welding and Fabrication

The truck in this picture required a quick weld repair at our works to get back on the road. IPS is a helpful and flexible company whose values its customers and will respond to their urgent requirements.



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